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When people feel down they may need a light bulb at the end of their tunnel.

When someone discovers a possibility they clamber to share, urging their friends and relatives to read the book or take the course or understand the idea that lit their light bulb.  When others are unmoved, or refuse to try the method that triggered their light, it can be very distressing.  That’s because they forget that every person needs their own light bulb, whatever that means for them.

Dog Whisperer is a perfect example of this phenomena.  Presented as a show about training troublesome dogs, it is as much about healing people. The beauty is in the form of the light bulb:  people can deal with issues without ‘facing their fears,’ because it’s about the dog.  It’s a brilliant tool for teaching children how to cope with the playground and teaching anyone skills for coping with conflict.  It is the perfect light bulb for many people, allowing them to take steps forward that they didn’t even realize they wanted to take.

Let go of needing a particular light bulb to draw people out of their tunnels.  Value every step forward.  Value every light that shows them the way, no matter how small or tentative their steps may be.  Allow yourself to discover the amazing, unlikely forms light bulbs can take for people.  That discovery can light up your tunnel like sunrise.  Value every step you make forward, as each one is closer to the end of your tunnel.  And every step counts.

excerpt Tone May 2011