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Patricia Wall provides brilliant insights and effective tools for creating gratifying and lasting change within yourself, your life, and your relationships. Even the most experienced people can benefit from the laser precision of Trish’s fine-tuning of aim for stubborn issues.

Trish’s journey started with a four-car pile-up and a serious brain injury that dramatically changed the direction of her life. With hindsight, these events had great purpose.

Trish credits her background in R&D for her dedication to developing practical tools to bring the changes people want to real life.  Trish says “You have to be able to live it.”

“Patricia Wall is brilliant. She is a genuinely loving person who can take an emotionally laden situation that a person is immersed in, and provide clarity and insight, often resulting in an ‘a ha’ moment. Trish is wonderfully adept at encouraging people to step outside of their comfort zones, while at the same time she is there to provide support and guidance on their journeys of self-awareness and renewal. I am forever grateful for Trish’s love, guidance, and wisdom.” Sarah F

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Patricia Wall says….

My goals are all about choice – about empowering you to make real, sustainable change. You can learn to change the way people treat you by changing the signals that tell them how to treat you. You can choose to affect every relationship in your life, or select specific areas you’d like to change.

I love the relief and joy people experience when they remove barriers and limits they thought couldn’t be changed. I know that this may seem impossible now, but I have learned to use this process to achieve my personal goals and I have been blessed with helping others succeed in ways they couldn’t imagine. I’d love to help you make your life ‘more.’

My work is a gateway to possibility. I help people discover and access choices that were not available because of limitations they couldn’t control  –  choices that are right for their happiness, whatever that means to them. This is not a happy pill, or a quick fix. It requires effort. The best part is that it doesn’t take much effort to get results, and that inspires doing more.

How did this journey begin? I was in an accident, badly hurt and unable to function. After a year of western medicine, I realized that it wasn’t working. Although my background is the logic of computers and my father is a doctor, I knew that my only hope lay outside western medicine. Against all logic it worked. And even more remarkably, it opened a door to a new career.

I learned about brain function and ancient healing practices to help myself heal.  Back when I learned computer programming you couldn’t go to a store and buy programs, you had to build them from scratch.  Computers don’t understand ideas; computers require precise, step-by-step instructions. I combined old practices and new awareness to create a set of tools that suit the demands of modern, busy lives

Your relationships can change. Your work experience can change. Your health and well-being can change and you can feel inner peace and fulfillment. And when you feel good and life feels good, then the occasional flat tire is not so bad.

When I began my practice, I found it difficult to put a label on the process that unfolds. Because it really does create what you want, I referred to it as ‘self-mastery.’ I have created tools to master Your Everyday Life.

Imagine waking up happy and looking forward to your day.
Imagine living a joyful life.
Imagine living the life you deserve.

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My Why

I see people mistake sacrifice for love. I see people stuck in mediocre or miserable because they make sacrifices to be caring. You can love without hurting.  Have more. Feel true happiness. Have an amazing relationship.  Quit settling.    Patricia Wall

Do you feel that your life is out of control?
Do you feel that there should be something better? Something more?
Your instincts are right. The limits and barriers that seem impossible to change CAN be changed.


The human brain controls every vital activity necessary for your survival. The human brain is also in charge of your emotions and your imagination.

What does this mean?  It means that you can master every feeling you feel and every idea you can grasp.

With Self-Mastery Tools you can:

  • make real change
  • tell your brain what you want.
  • give your brain permission to make it happen

When you commit the time and do the work, you can lose weight, regain your health, look younger, improve your relationships, relieve stress, be more productive, discover peace of mind… whatever you seek, you can find.

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