Memory blank spots aren’t caused by aging

When your awareness of some of your choices is blocked, you don’t know about those choices!  It can feel exactly like the moment when you arrive upstairs and realize you can’t remember the errand you came upstairs for – and you know you came upstairs for that errand.  That blank spot is exactly like the influence of your subconscious mind blocking an awareness because it has an agenda.  Fortunately, you can end blank spots by working with your subconscious mind. That forgetting really isn’t caused by age – though you can feel a lot younger by getting rid of it J  You will have to find another form of exercise to replace repeated trips up the stairs, because you’re remembering why you went.

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Extract from Notice of Transformation Workshop for April 11, 2013

Unlock your future from your past

Within Unlock when you call out ‘people’ what you’re really calling out is your own experience, memory, and image of these people that you hold inside yourself.  Unlock is about clearing what is inside you, so that what is outside you can change.  The evolution of the Unlock allowed a profoundly ‘clean slate’ resolution to the stored experiences with others.

Like Yourself One-Day Workshop Report October 2011