Owning Your Fire Workshop Series

The ladies of the Owning Your Fire group are shameless – which means I’m doing a good job!

On December 11th the ladies of the 2013 Owning Your Fire group have our annual play-date.

Andrew Wall

Andrew Wall

This year Andrew G Wall is our guest presenter, speaking on he topic of his next book: Love Without Cost.

The ladies have graciously invited the women who are joining us in 2014.  They have also invited one other man, provided he doesn’t wear a shirt.  

I wasn’t sure how I felt about publishing this tidbit, as it sounds a little wicked – then I realized that the ability to play and be wicked demonstrated exactly what we enjoy in this group.  Female power, and honoring ourselves and the people we care about – does it get any better Ladies?

John is coming to the party. John Holstein I have required that he put his shirt back on when Andrew starts teaching.  Andrew is not allowed to take off his shirt.  Being his mother, I refuse to publish a picture of him without his shirt.  Before I get a diatribe about objectifying males (or anyone) let me state for the record that this is strictly an appreciation of beauty, as John is a dear friend and I’m happily married.  (And unfortunately for the ladies, John has different inclinations.)

Also for the record, this is a women’s group and the men are only there for the play-date.  We’re full for 2014!  John and Andrew regularly attend the Transformation Workshops.  



Matriarch owns the fire

Back in the cave, the matriarch owned the fire.  Each person at her fire belonged to her and was cared for by her.  They honoured their position at the fire by taking care of her in turn, and for males that means contribution and protection.  Males are distinct beings, who contribute to the female, and protect the female.  Females, in turn, give them belonging.  Female is the entity of the tribe to the male.  How’s that working out in your life?  Any blocks interfering with this model?  Consider making a space at your fire to allow the male(s) in your life, or the male you’d like to be in your life, to be protector, provider, and contributor.  You’ll be surprised what happens when you allow it.


Matriarch owns the fire 

The Weaker Sex

In primitive times, back in the cave, roles in tribes were clear and simple. The guys took their spears and went out to fetch something to eat, or went out to deal with the snarly creature that might be looking for somebody to eat. The people in the tribe could feel safe, get on with their lives, and take care of the business of survival. The males were protectors and providers. Everyone understood the importance of the male role and valued their contribution.

The females in the tribe owned the fire, and they owned access to the fire. They were the nurturers, the caregivers, and the protectors of the tribal entity. They worked hard, gathering and preparing and storing, contributing to the survival of the tribe.

Males earned access to the fire with their contribution and were justifiably proud and secure in their position. Females managed the entire tribe, making sure everyone was supported, had a way to contribute, and a sense of personal value.

Without females, it was just a bunch of people. With females, it became a community that supported each other, shared burdens, and through propagation had a future. Everyone understood the importance of the females in the tribe, and valued their contribution.

Modern society has lost clarity about the value of emotional contributions and the value of caring for the entity of the whole tribe. Individuals struggle to find a sense of personal worth and purpose. Women’s loss of power has created an imbalance that devalues compassion and caring for the state of the whole tribe, in favor of competition and aggression and material power. Males are disempowered from true bonding because of this damage, resulting in broken homes and a tangible loss of personal security for everyone, on both physical and emotional levels.

Women’s lib was an important pendulum swing in the reclaiming of female power. It is not enough. Without powerful female energy, we end up with a world driven by competition and aggression. A world where the profit margin of a corporation is more important than the well-being of the people it employs. A world where profit margins are more important than the environment.

Female energy needs to be healed in all of us, male and female alike, so that our world can heal, our families can heal, and we can heal. To restore the balance women must heal their own wounds, and resultant wounds of the world. Women who are angry at men, or afraid of men, cannot be in their power. Women who are afraid of their sexuality because society has programmed them to fear negative sexual attention, or their own sensual natures, cannot create healthy tribes or a healthy world.

To help females heal, and thereby heal families, tribes, and our world, I have created a new workshop. It provides women with information and tools to continue the healing process in all areas of their lives.

This work can achieve great results on both personal and global scales. Personally, it can mean restored sense of value and purpose, better relationships of all kinds, and restoring your capacity for emotional and physical intimacy that will change how others treat you in all areas of your life. This kind of personal work can give you a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, and often awakens intuition and psychic abilities damaged by traumas. It’s time.

  • If I were to give you the bottom line life just got a whole lot simpler, not easier, but certainly simpler. There’s no more wondering why he or she is a particular way it all comes back to me. That is perhaps the most relief I have felt in years. Whatever doesn't work, I can go inside and explore what’s up with that: Whatever works I can go inside and explore whats up with that. How lovely.

  • I am doing the campfire each day, and I have to hold myself to just once,because it is such a wonderful experience, I could go there all day but I do have a day job. Amazing how God gives us who and what we need. Thank you for your gift.

  • Through the changes I have made as a result of the changes and growth that took place in the workshops. My life is free of many of my anxieties and fears. I now feel life is exciting and I look upon each day as an adventure. My gratitude cannot be put into words.

  • I bought a CD that had reference to Stuck in Stand and that was of huge significance. I had ideas of why I was stuck where I was, and in a shallow way I was correct, but I have gone deeper and deeper as the days go by and have tracked back to when I was probably 2-3 years old. I have also found a path to a deeper communication with my “children” which is a crazy term as they are all over 40 years.