Struggling with Change?

Are you struggling with change? Do one of these statements match your life?

  •    I know what I want.  I’m trying.  It’s not happening, or it’s so slow I’m frustrated.
  •    I don’t know what I want, but something has to change.
  •    I can’t make changes because of my responsibilities, or my situation, or something I can’t change. I’m trapped.
  •    My life needs to change but I’m barely coping as it is. I can’t handle making changes.
  •    My life is painful but change could make it worse.
  •    How can I be sure I’m doing the right thing?

Even when you want change, it can be difficult.  It’s important that you satisfy your personal values and know you are doing the right thing. With the right information and tools, change can become much easier, even when you feel trapped by your situation.

Any effort to make a change, or to decide what to change, or to know what could change, is complicated by the fact that your subconscious mind considers any change a threat.  In fact, your subconscious will sabotage any efforts to make decisions that lead to change and it will sabotage your efforts to make change.  This sabotage occurs because your subconscious believes that any change is bad, even a change that could make your life better!

Why would your subconscious sabotage a change that could make your life better?  Your subconscious mind runs on primitive survival programs.  For your subconscious, different is dangerous.  Your subconscious is not concerned with your quality of life – it’s concerned with keeping everything the same.  Why? Because you have survived with the past, so to protect your survival, keep things the same as they were in the past so you will keep on surviving.  Back in the cave, a simple change in where you walked could expose you to a big hairy beast that wants you for dinner.

Your modern, cognitive brain knows that you can make changes without attracting dangerous hairy beasts that might want to eat you.  Your modern, cognitive brain would be more concerned with traffic than hairy beasts.

The good news is that you can teach your subconscious brain to accept changes that make your life better.  The challenge is to talk to your subconscious in a language that it understands.  To help you reach your subconscious I have created a set of tools on the Living Your Light CD or Download.  These audio files can be played while you’re doing other tasks, as long as those tasks don’t require focused attention.  For example, you could play them while folding laundry, but not while driving.  Enjoy!


Insights Column
September 2013
Tone Magazine

Spring Cleaning

Whether it’s the container of screws in the garage, or the purse that is not working for you anymore, it can be hard to purge. At some point, that container might contain exactly the screw you need. At some point, you might want to use that purse – you wanted it enough to buy it in the first place, so it might become appealing again. Often it’s not hurting anything to hang on to something that might be useful – which is why you may not be able to tell what is actually blocking you.

Often you know exactly what you want, and feel a great frustration that it isn’t happening for you. Whether it’s abundance, or health, or fitness, you may be very clear on your goals – or very frustrated with your own shoulds. When you feel certainty about what you want, you probably don’t want to hear that subconscious resistance is not only interfering with your ability to move forward into what you want – it’s interfering successfully. Trying can be exhausting and exasperating, because it doesn’t allow you to break through where the real problems occur – in those primitive subconscious programs.

If you’ve been doing personal development work you’re probably even aware of your own resistance, and may even know the why of the resistance – that hasn’t allowed you to break free of trying.

There are many useful tools for identifying and clearing your hidden resistance. For now, allow yourself to use energy to break out of the spring doldrums so you can take action. Spring is not the time for why, it’s the time for what. Rather than delving into the why, just for now allow yourself to focus on raising your personal frequency so you can know what you want, and what will work for you. You can always explore why later.

Singing Bowl is a great tool for raising your personal frequency and breaking free of the doldrums. Sit quietly and focus on your breath. Imagine a bowl in the cradle of your pelvis. Imagine a stream of liquid light flowing into the bowl and overflowing it like a glass left under a running tap. As you allow that light to flow through you and overflow your bowl, let it give you soothing, and comfort and lightness.

Imagine you can sing the bowl in the cradle of your pelvis, the same way you’d sing a wine glass by running your finger around the rim. You might imagine running your finger around the bowl, or simply allowing your awareness of the natural tone of that bowl, or you might think of the vibration of the bowl as a sound or a note. Take a little time to get used to that feeling and being with that vibration.

Imagine you can raise the vibration. You might imagine playing a higher pitched note, or imagine the flow of light is increasing the vibration, or feel the bowl glowing more with a faster flow of light – whatever imagery works for you is fine. As you allow yourself to feel that higher pitched note, or vibration, you are allowing your personal vibration to rise.

This can feel uncomfortable at first, especially if you’re having a hard time with the spring doldrums. Allow yourself to persist to break through the discomfort, to teach your body and your energy to become accustomed to that higher frequency state. You’re teaching your body to be comfortable with joy. For now, don’t worry about why or what needs to go, simply focus on raising your frequency and letting the energy do what it does so well – making it all great.

Insights Column
April 2011
Tone Magazine