Struggling with Change?

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Are you struggling with change? Do one of these statements match your life?    I know what I want.  I’m trying.  It’s not happening, or it’s so slow I’m frustrated.    I don’t know what I want, but something has to change.    I can’t make changes because of my responsibilities, or my situation, or something I can’t change. I’m trapped.    My life needs to change but I’m barely coping as it is. I Read More

Spring Cleaning

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Whether it’s the container of screws in the garage, or the purse that is not working for you anymore, it can be hard to purge. At some point, that container might contain exactly the screw you need. At some point, you might want to use that purse – you wanted it enough to buy it in the first place, so it might become appealing again. Often it’s not hurting anything to hang on to something Read More