Author ‘The Science of NO’

Master of love based living

The-Science-of-No-by-Andrew-G-WallAndrew Wall is a progressive thinker who has mastered living a life based on love instead of fear. With his playful spirit and fierce intellectual honesty, Andrew shares the tools for shifting to love-based living through his writing, public speaking and coaching. His work is inspiring while providing guidance which can easily and successfully be applied to your day-to-day life.

Throughout Andrew’s life, he always felt a deep yearning to push his limits and test his abilities. Andrew left home when he was sixteen and quickly began to delve into a fast-paced world with a hunger for more – continuously searching for external ways to satiate his ardent desire to feel alive. A belief that money and power could fill his inner emptiness led Andrew into the world of organized crime. Plagued by dissatisfaction, Andrew began to realize that his external circumstance, regardless of how ‘successful’ he might appear from the outside, were insignificant if his internal circumstance was broken, lost and void of fulfillment. He realized too late that change was required.

Andrew was arrested, chose to plea, and served his sentence in a federal minimum security prison. During his incarceration, Andrew witnessed the effects of violence, seclusion and despair, yet also learned valuable lessons about hope, strength and humility. He realized that his thirst for something more was not going to be quenched by seeking outside himself.

Despite his surroundings, Andrew refused to allow himself to become discouraged or bitter; he took the opportunity to master the process through which we, as individuals, can choose to overcome adversity and uncertainty in order to find a sense of purpose and value. It is in this context that he wrote his first book, The Science of No (2012 Metamorph Us Inc) and continues to write.

In today’s society we are taught to avoid conflict, even when it means accepting personal cost. This avoidance leads to uncertainty and settling that can damage a person’s self-value and self-worth. The Science of No is a template for achieving certainty in self and managing conflict, including steps and strategies for dealing with difficult situations and personalities.

When we feel safe with conflict we shift into a place where we can be certain and confident in who we are, and live our lives as a reflection of this. We can live our own unique truth and bring our own unique gifts into the world. The Science of No is a step-by-step process for personal and professional success. Andrew Wall’s profound insight into living a life based on love instead of fear may touch heart, mind and life.