Let’s Engage
with co-hosts Patricia Wall and Elaine Lindsay

The real reason goals aren’t happening – and how to fix it!



The Science of No by Andrew G. Wall








Eliminating Sabotage to Achieve Goals


Rebel Quell! Intensive Workshop





Release Frustrations


Release the most frustrating thing in your life Transformation Workshop


How to stop feeling overwhelmed

Are you ‘trying’ to achieve goals?
Trying is a symptom of conflicted goals



Struggling with Change?

Scrambled Life


When and How to Fire a Client


More about meetable requirements:
Giving Your Clients Feel-Good Success
Relationship Advice – Define meetable requirements to allow your relationships to succeed

The water glass story Knowing When to Bite

Help releasing ‘trying’ Are Your Toes Wet Transformation Workshop


Expertise: Is it the Real Deal?


Tips and tools to ensure that you have consistency in your engagement


Tips and Tools: Ensuring that you connect with the people who matter to you


Soft Selling: Engagement is the key to building relationships
Learn to entice engagement online and in real life


Soft Selling: From billboards to posts, people are tired of the constant bombardment of sales. Are you willing to build relationships to build your business?


Soft Selling: Proving you are right and an expert can trigger resentment in potential clients; soften your selling for successful engagement


Soft Selling: How do you present as an expert without confronting people with their lack of expertise in your area?


Connecting with Loved Ones and Virtual Hugs


Does taking care of others mess with your plans?


What’s okay? Politics, Sex and Religion topics on line and in real life


Do’s and don’ts for sharing about special events and news items


Let’s Engage Show
with co-hosts Patricia Wall and Elaine Lindsay