Rebel Quell! Intensive Workshop

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CD 1
01 How reactions affect you in your relationships
02 To have a successful relationship it is essential to have clear requirements for you and from you
03 Your subconscious will resist awareness of unclear requirements to sustain the familiar state, even if that familiar state isn’t happy
04 What is an unmeetable requirement? How can you recognize reactions triggered by unmeetable requirements in yourself and the people around you?
05 What does subconscious sabotage look like in your relationships? How can you free you and your relationships from subconscious sabotage?
06 Why the subconscious sabotages you and your relationships
07 Exercise: Identifying unmmeetable requirements that you impose on yourself
08 Exercise continued: evaluation of results of your discoveries about requirements you impose on you

CD 2
09 Origins of requirements and changing requirements
10 Exercise: Identifying the roots of the unmeetable requirements you impose on yourself
11 Evaluation of beliefs and intentions at the root of the unmeetable requirements you impose on yourself
12 Exercise: Identifying the unmeetable requirements in your roles
13 Exercise: Understanding other’s perceptions of requirements in roles
14 Identifying sabotage of relationships through requirements attached to roles
15 Identifying the roots of the sabotaging requirements for roles

CD 3
16 Unlock requirements
17 Ending pain dynamics. A Rebel reaction coping mechanism will protect the comfort zones of other people. Often those comfort zones include being in pain, and cause you pain. Rebel reactions sustain pain dynamics. Exercise: Recognizing resentment.
18 Understanding how you accept requirements from others and impose requirements on yourself to allow release of pain dynamics
19 Sacrifice programs are rooted in beliefs about belonging. Recognize and release sacrifice programs to allow happy relationships
20 Releasing resentment dynamics by identifying the sabotaging requirements that cause resentment to occur and releasing the programs that require resentment
21 Establishing requirements without triggering resentment in yourself and others

CD 4
22 Identifying and establishing requirements for healthy relationships
23 Distinguishing requirements from connection and allowing healthy connections and intimacy
24 Identifying the love connection between you and others
25 Allowing yourself to feel and accept love
26 Using the Clearing Siphons Tool to remove draining connections within a relationship, to make room for more and healthier love
27 Summary
28 Closing

What do rebel reactions look like in your life? It’s your LIFE.  Do you want choices?

Sometimes subconscious rebel reactions are obvious because you hear a thought that really means ‘you can’t make me!’  Often rebel reactions are more subtle, hiding in tiredness, lack of enthusiasm, frustration and feeling resented. When you have a rebel reaction, you’ll trigger similar reactions in the people around you.  When others have rebel reactions, they’re going to trigger reactions in you. The value in learning to recognize – and manage –rebel reactions is that you are reclaiming your ability to choose, to have more resources, and to feel appreciated.

Rebel reactions are triggered when you feel as if requirements can’t be met. Sometimes these are requirements you put on yourself to be more, do more and have more. Sometimes requirements come from people around you, like the boss who wants your work to come before your life or a partner who wants something from you that isn’t clear, or seems to never be enough. Often you feel like you can never be enough.

When you’re having rebel reactions you’ll often feel like you can’t keep up, or everything is hard, and lots of effort doesn’t get results.  ‘Why bother?’ can become a refrain in your brain. It’s hard to make an effort when you feel that you know it won’t help, it won’t matter, and in the end you can’t win. This effect of rebel reactions is often the source of creeping decline in relationships, ambition and your interest in life. 

Dramatically improve all your relationships with very little effort

Without realizing it, you’ll put requirements that can’t be met in your relationships that trigger rebel reactions in others.  Without realizing it, people will give you requirements that can’t be met.  Often in relationships there is a desire to influence how the other person feels.  After all, if you care about someone, you probably want them to be happy.

You can’t make someone feel happy!  That’s a requirement they can’t meet.  In fact, if you want to make them happy you’ve given yourself a requirement you can’t meet.  Sure, you have influence with the people you care about, and can have an impact on their emotional state – where do you draw the line? Understanding that line, and how to interact with requirements that may be stated or implied, is the key to drastically improving your relationships. 

Simply by framing your requirements with an awareness of rebel reactions, you can make your life, and the lives of people around you, a whole lot better.  When you understand how requirements affect you, you can consciously decide how to reframe requirements that are given to you so that you’re not triggered into rebel reactions. 

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