Living Your Light Self Mastery Meditations

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Living Your Light contains three amazing guided meditations created for profound personal transformation. Unlock your ability to make real change with these powerful tools. These are working meditations specifically designed to help you make change in your life. There is a lot of information and imagery, so be prepared to listen a few times to get used to the programs. Enjoy!

#1 Unlock Your Ability to Change 28 minutes

Your subconscious perceives any change, even a good change, as a threat. It will sabotage your ability to act on your decisions, to protect you from change. Help yourself open your capacity to fulfill your decisions with Unlock Your Ability to Change. This is a process of releasing past patterns and expectations to allow something different to occur.

#2 Change Your Frequency 29 minutes

Your many ‘tribes' family, friends, co-workers impose requirements. Your subconscious tries to fulfill all tribal requirements, even those that contradict each other. This creates interference your cognitive brain wouldn't expect. This meditation also helps remove influences of expectations attached to structures and roles within your tribes.

#3 Campfire 22 minutes

Everyone has an inner warrior, inner child, inner artist, and so on. Some of these elements of self are wounded, suppressed, or denied. Some have too much influence, overriding your cognitive choices so you aren't happy with your behavior. The Campfire meditation will help you resolve your internal conflicts so you can follow through on your choices.


Photography Henri Vandette
Recording Technician  Martine Allaire
Design Trool Productions
Music Tom McMahon  Recorded by Shane Simpson  Mixed by Save Bignell